Copyright Registration


A copyright is simply the freedom not to copy another person's work. A copyright grants the subject's sole ownership of his art. If a work is copyrighted, no one can imitate, copy, or replicate the original work in any way. In India, a copyright period is 60 years. Copyright can be taken for the following works:

  1. Music

  2. Books

  3. Manuscripts

  4. Films

  5. Fashion Designs

  6. Training Manuals

  7. Software

  8. Literary Work

  9. Performance

  10. Paintings etc.

It is not required to get copyright protection, but it is often recommended that it provides the owner with a certain collection of minimum rights over his work as well as the assurance that no one will be allowed to copy his work over a certain period of time. This sense of accomplishment will still drive the owner to do more work and make more things.

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