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The provident fund is a social security scheme that was established to encourage workers to save in order to protect them during their retirement years. Employer and employee contributions are made on a monthly basis. With a few exceptions, PF contributions may only be removed by the employee when he or she retires. All PF registered employers are required to file returns on a monthly basis. Every month's returns must be filed by the 25th of the month. This article discusses how to file provident fund returns and the different ways that must be used to accomplish the goal.

Form 2:

This form is used to make a declaration and appointment under the Employees Provident Fund and Employees Family Pension flagship schemes. When an employee enters a company, he must file it. Along with Form 5, this form must be submitted. Form 2 is broken down into two sections:

Form 5 is a monthly report that includes information about workers who have recently joined the provident fund programme. The following information must be included on the form:

Organization Code Number Name of Organization Address of Organization

Employee's account amount

Employee's name

Name of the father/husband

The employee's date of birth

When did you join?

a proven track record

Form 10 is a monthly report that lists all of the workers who have quit the scheme during the previous month. In the form, you must fill in the following information:

The account number is a unique identifier.

Employee's name.

Father's or husband's name

Date of departure from military service.

The reason for leaving the military.

Form 12A is a report that lists the transfers made to an employee's account during a given month.

Form 3A, also known as a member's annual contribution card, shows the subscriber's/and member's employer's monthly contributions to the E.P.F. and Pension Fund in a given year. The information is determined for each scheme participant. In addition, the plan will include the following information:

Amount of the account

The subscriber's name

Father's or husband's name

The factory's/name establishment's and address

Contribution rate fixed by statute

If there is a voluntary donation rate, what is it?

Form 6A is a consolidated annual contribution document that includes information about each member of the establishment's annual contributions

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